Thursday, October 18, 2018

Happy Friday #3 October 19, 2018

Happy Friday!

It's time to have a look back at the week and come up with 10 things that made me happy this week. It's not an easy task coz every time I think of something, I start thinking that I could have done it better and differently...It was a tough week so I had a good long thought to search for the positive :)

So, here we go

1. I just woke up to win a free TPT resource from Literacy in Focus (she hosts a giveaway once per month)
2. Got lots of blog work done
3. Opened a new Facebook Group for Teacher Bloggers
4. Cooked at the weekend for 3 days (getting better)
5. Some Fall-like weather (it rained almost every day)
6. My son trying to do his homework independently
7. Sleeping early and waking up before sunrise
8. Seriously thinking to take actions to take a better care of myself
9. Reading Thursdays at Eight and lots of blogging tips
10. TGIF

Do you want to play along? Snag the picture I grabbed from Krysten from Why Girls are Weird and share it on your blog.


  1. What a positive way to end the working week!

    1. We all need some positivity in our stressful lives:)

  2. #8 is SO important! I hope you have a wonderful day!