Saturday, February 16, 2019

Valentine's Day Love Songs

Love is...

You may have never heard or tried this chewing gum, but Love is... is a chewing gum that takes me back to my childhood. This chewing gum was especially popular in the 1990s when I was a kid. We were so excited to open and find a new liner inside and would collect them and have competition games with those papers.

But today's post is about my favorite playlist of beautiful love songs that you can play on Valentine's Day and not only. 
A romantic date, a wedding anniversary can just be fine too.
I have included a song in Spanish, Portuguese and even Armenian as I think that music is a universal language and may touch your feelings and bring the right emotions without you even understanding the language.

So, here's My Playlist of Beautiful Valentine's Day Love Songs that I would like to share with you

1. Paul Mccartney - My Valentine

2. La La Land - City of Stars

3. Salvador Sobral - Amor Pelos Dois

4. Amaia y Alfred - Tu Cancion

5. Katie Melua - The Closest Thing to Crazy

6. Elton John - Something About The Way You Look Tonight

7. Aladdin - A Whole New World

8. Bratsch - Armenian Waltz

This post was inspired by the February Love Challenge hosted by Linda Jean from Witte's World Blog.

February 11 - Create a playlist of your favorite love songs

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

5 Valentine's Day Blog Posts You Should Read

I have more than once mentioned the importance of connection and engagement between fellow bloggers. Blogging is not only about writing, it is also about reading and learning. A good amount of my blogging time is spent on reading blog posts and reciprocating on the beautiful pieces that really touch and uplift me.

Today I would like to share with 5 of my current favorite bloggers and their Valentine's Day posts I really enjoyed reading and you should read. 
Head over and give them some love as they do deserve it.

1- Witte's World Blog

Linda stands behind the amazing Facebook Group "For the Love of Blogging" and the monthly blogging challenges that gave me the motivation and the boost to start writing. I am so thankful to her for her daily creative challenges and the support and help she provides both inside the group and individually.
You should definitely check out her February Love Challenge.  

Valentine's Day Post - Romantic Movie Review - Charlie St. Cloud

You can't help falling in love with Lana's writing style from the very first line of her any blog post. No matter what she writes about, she catches the reader's attention from the first till the last word. She's very consistent in blogging and is someone you can look up to learn some dedication and perseverance. 

You should definitely check out her weekly series #MotivationalMonday

Leah from An Adventure is Calling is a travel blogger who loves to explore the world (near and far) together with her husband and her little daughter and shares with her adventures and travel tips and tricks. 
What I love most about her blog is that they are a minimialist couple and try to avoid tangible gifts and put money aside for their adventures and getaways.

If you are into books and reading and love to escape to other worlds and being immersed into other people's stories, you should definitely check out Haidi from The Caffeinated Bibliophile. She shares her passion for reading and writing she's had since her childhood in her blog. 
Head to The Caffeinated Bibliophile to read book reviews, book recommendations and all things books.

Valentine's Day Post - What to Read for Valentine's Day

I came across Amanda's blog on Pinterest and her story immediately caught my eye. She is a single homeschooling, blogging and adventuring mom of 6 blessings. She blogs about her adventures and chaos through life's joys and challenges and shows how one can live life to the fullest embracing the gift of each new day. 

What I love about her mindset is that still heart-broken, she decided to turn her energy towards raising her children to rebuild their trust in people and promises so that one day they can again believe that not everyone they love will leave them.

Have you read any amazing Valentine's Day posts?

Would you like to show them some love and support?

This post was inspired by The February Love Challenge hosted by Linda Jean from Witte's World Blog.

February 10 - Write a post and include links to 5 of your favorite bloggers and explain to each one why you love to follow them or their blog

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Virgo - 10 Best Personality Traits You Have to Know About Virgos

You may not believe in astrology or may have read it once or twice just for entertainment but some people do believe that  astrology is a science or at least a system of knowledge that uses the movement of the planets in the sky and a person's birth chart to explain their personality and forecast the likely events that may happen in their life.

I never follow daily astrological predictions seriously but I do find so much truth in the character description of my horoscope sign, Virgo, that I can't help believing its veracity.

Born between August 23 - September 22, the sixth Zodiac Sign, one of the 4 Earth Signs, Virgos are usually known for their complex nature.

- Virgos are innate perfectionists and set high standards for themselves and get annoyed when they fail to reach them. Anything less than perfect is not good for them.

- Virgos are usually introverts and need their private space. No one can truly know what they are feeling deep inside.

- Virgos may seem reserved and incapable of deep emotions but in reality, they are trying to hide their emotional intensity and deep sensitivity. They have a secret wild side that only a few lucky may see.

- Virgos are workaholics and sometimes they need to learn how to chill and let it go. They dedicate themselves to anything they are doing. Only with the right people they can loosen and open up.

- Virgos are overthinkers and tend to be very hard on themselves. They are rarely satisfied with anything and will spend great amounts of time on unnecessary details.

- Virgos notice tiny details and remember anything. They can dwell on negative past moments and worry so much that it will lead them to anxiety or panic attacks.

In spite of their complicated nature, Virgos do have many precious personality traits.

Here is a list of 10 Best Personality Traits you have to know about Virgos.

1- Virgos are smart and hardworking

They are always curious to learn new things and increase their general knowledge. They work their asses off to reach their goals and usually achieve them thanks to their determination and self-discipline.

2- Virgos are amazing writers and artists

Verbal expression is usually hard for Virgos, but they excel in expressing themselves through dance, music, acting, writing or drawing. You may find out how they feel by just having a look at their artwork.

3- Virgos are faithful and reliable

They are one of the most faithful signs of the zodiac. As a friend, they are loyal till the end and can be trusted to keep secrets. They will be the first one to answer your call and the last one to leave your side when facing problems and difficult situations.

4- Virgos are modest and humble

Because of their hard work and perfectionism, they may achieve success and fame but you will never see them boasting or showing off. They are naturally down to earth and may put others before themselves.

5- Virgos are practical and analytical

They don't just talk about it. They do it. You'd rather believe them if they promise you something. They are going to work at it until they make it happen.

6- Virgos have an analytical mind.

They have a keen attention to details which makes them find solutions to tough problems others may miss.

7- Virgos are sensitive and emotional

Not everyone may guess it, but Virgos are very sensitive and emotional deep down though they avoid talking about it for fear of burdening other people.

8-Virgos are independent thinkers and skeptics

Virgos are not the type who will rely on gossips. They will not believe anything until they see it themselves. And they will base their reasoning and come to a conclusion based on concrete evidence and facts.

9- Virgos are lovers, not fighters by nature

Virgos hate conflicts and confrontation. They prefer leaving in silence avoiding a verbal quarrel being aware that they may regret the words said later on.

10- Virgos are organized and can't stand clutter

Virgos can find it hard to focus if they are surrounded by mess and untidiness. They like to organize everything in their lives to ensure that everything runs as smooth as possible.

Do you know someone who is a Virgo? 

Do you think that knowing and understanding their personality traits can help you get along with Virgos in love, work and life?

This post was inspired by the February Love Challenge hosted by Linda Jean from Witte's World Blog.

February 8 - Write a list of all the things you love about yourself, dig deep into your soul.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Valentine's Day Romance Movie - Me Before You

If you are looking for a romantic movie to watch together with your partner on Valentine's Day, "Me Before You" can be the best choice. It is the most powerful romantic drama I can recall having ever watched. 
It is a sad, touching, but light, even a funny movie with a non-cliche ending. Watching only the trailer is enough to make you emotional and make you burst into tears.

"Me Before You" is the last romantic movie I went to the cinema to watch and undoubtedly the best romantic movie I have ever watched. It is not a standard romantic movie as it goes against the most romantic movie stereotypes of happy endings. I remember myself leaving the cinema heartbroken and kind of devastated at the sad ending carrying with me a handful of tissues. 

Based on the popular novel by Jojo Moyes with the same name, the movie depicts a bittersweet romance between Lou (starring Emilia Clarke from "Game of Thrones") and Will Trainor (starring Sam Claflin from "The Hunger Games" saga).

 Lou is a funny and chatty young woman moving from one job to another helping her family make both ends meet until she comes across with a job to take care of a paraplegic.

Will Trainor, formerly a wealthy young banker and sportsman, was left paralyzed from an accident and can't accept his life now.

The polar opposite personalities, especially Will's arrogance and sarcastic outlook on life, makes them dislike each other at the beginning, but then they become friends and finally fall in love with each other. And w
hat starts out as a rocky relationship, blossoms into something special.

What I like most about this movie is that unlike most romantic movies it doesn't use physical intimacy as a clutch but rather goes deep and focuses more on the personal and emotional connection between Lou and Will. He encourages her to try new things and break out of her shell, she encourages him to try to love life again.

Another highlight of the film is the outstanding acting and charming characters. Lou, with her infectious smile and slight awkwardness, Will, with his facial expressions and attractive eyebrow cock.

And when everything seems very romantic with Will treating Lou to exotic holidays and glamorous nights out, the viewers feel a certain unease and learn about Will's determination to live on his own terms or not at all.

Have you read the book "Me Before You" and its sequel "After You"?

Have you watched the movie? How do you like it?

This post was inspired by The February Love Challenge hosted by Linda Jean from Witte's World Blog.

February 6 - Write a review of your favorite romance movie

Sunday, February 3, 2019

February 3 - Quick Valentine's Day Meal Plan

Valentine's Day is around the corner and though you don't need to wait for that day to express your love and affection to your partner and lover, it is just another opportunity to do it.

Celebrating Valentine's Day at home has lots of benefits. 

Firstly, you don't have to pay for babysitting and an expensive meal at the restaurant. Secondly, you can enjoy a quiet time at home together with your partner.

But what if you are a working wife and mom? It means you hardly catch up with the house chores and cleaning and cooking. You are already exhausted, physically and mentally, weekend days never seem enough to manage your to-do lists.

If you are looking for some easy and quick Valentine's Day meal plan ideas that are not time-consuming and require minimum efforts, here I present you my all-time favorite Valentine's Day Meal Plan to enjoy for a night in.


Smoothie -select red fruits and berries like strawberries, raspberries, cherries, pomegranates

Coffee -served in heart-shaped decorated cups or mugs

Pancakes - sprinkled with red sauce, decorated with whipped cream and berries



Sushi - Order some sushi/maki, sushi salad or even a sushi boat.
 If you are not a sushi lover, opt for an exotic dish from your favorite cuisine. Replace the dish on your favorite china and enjoy it under the candlelight with some soft music in the background.

sushi cake


Cheese and Wine - Cheese with cranberries, cheese with walnuts, smoked cheese, blue cheese, cheese with almonds, cheese with chocolate...the list doesn't end. 
Pick up your favorite cheese, serve it with dried and fresh fruits, nuts, crackers, grapes, olives, whatever your imagination craves for.

Chocolate Fondue - For the dessert, slice or chop your favorite fruits, you can use the heart-shaped cutter or you can place the fruits on a wooden stick. Enjoy your fondue next to a fireplace.

cheese and wine

chocolate  fondue

This post was inspired by the February Love Challenge hosted by Linda Jean from Witte's World Blog.

February 3 - Create a recipe for the perfect Valentine's main course.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

January 31 - S.M.A.R.T Goals for February

January 30 -/31 Write a review of how your January went...did you reach your life/health/work/blog goals? Do you need to move goals to next month?
Create your S.M.A.R.T goals for February.

January was a tough year but we made it". I read it somewhere today.
And it was indeed a long month with lots of chilly, gloomy days, after-vacation melancholy and low spirits. This even made me come up with my blog post " 5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues".

Instead of making New Year's resolutions, on January 1 I pursued the S.M.A.R.T goals strategy.

 If you have never heard of S.M.A.R.T goals, check out my blog post " S.M.A.R.T Goals for January" or head to Witte's World Blog where you can even download a free S.M.A.R.T Goals worksheet.

But at the beginning of January I came up with another plan.
I still kept my goals S.M.A.R.T but decided to focus on 1 blogging and 1 personal goal. 
You can check out My January Goals. 

My January Goals


.To keep up with the January Mind, Body and Writing Challenge.
 Done, I didn't post daily but I had 17 posts in January and it is not bad.

. Open Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts for my blog. 
Done, I even went further and also opened a Pinterest account.


.To read one book. 
Done, it is an amazing book of poems I was surprised to be given as a gift and I can't wait to share with its stupendous content in the near future.

.To keep up with my hair and skin care routine. 
Done, I did take my hair vitamins daily and gave my skin evening care before going to sleep.

My February Goals

Blogging - I will learn how to manage my email subscribers, I will send a monthly email to them by February 28, 2019.
I will upload my first Vlog or any video on my YouTube channel.

Personal - I will read and finish 1 book by the end of February.
I will take care of my mental health by taking Omega 3 supplements, getting enough light during the day, watching my steps and getting a good night's sleep.

The best part of S.M.A.R.T Goals strategy is that it can be used in any sphere of your life-work, home life, teaching or blogging. 
If you like the idea, set your S.M.A.R.T goals and share them in the comments below.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

January 25 - Coffee Blogger Interview + Free Printable

Day 25 - Interview another blogger in your niche

While I was reading about today's challenge at the beginning of January I instantly had the idea that I was going to interview a coffee-addicted blogger. 
It was during one of the Facebook Group threads that I came across Rachel from "Coffee Mamma Exclusive" and directly contacted her suggesting to fill in my Coffee Lover Questionnaire by answering 10 questions about Coffee.

Rachel was very responsive and sent her feedback in no time.
Rachel from Coffee Mamma Exclusive
Rachel started her blog Coffee Mamma Exclusive after her pregnancy to share with a lot of content surrounding Parenting, Motherhood, Coffee, Cuisine, Beauty, Fashion, Health and Lifestyle. She chose the name "Coffee Mamma" as she has been a lover of coffee since the young age of 12. Now, currently in 22, she claims to be still very much in love with coffee:)
Coffee Lover Interview / Questionnaire

1. What time of day do you usually drink coffee?
I'm currently breastfeeding and a lot less addicted to coffee than in previous years because of it but I usually start off my day with a cup of coffee. Whether we wake up at 7, 8 or 9, one of the first couple things I do in the morning is start brewing myself some coffee!
2. How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?
Oh man, if you had asked me this 5 years ago you would have been shocked that I drank at least 10ish coffees daily not including ice coffee and iced capps. Nowadays I don't drink more than 5 ever (again because that's safe to have while breastfeeding). I miss coffee so much sometimes and in a typical day I will have closer to 2 to 3 cups. But yeah, no more than 5 these days.
3. Do you prefer going out for coffee or drinking it at home?
There's just something so delicious about having someone else make and serve you coffee. But I'll take it anywhere I can get it. My house, timmies, my mother's place. Hahaha. Sometimes you just need coffee. I guess I'd have to say I prefer to go out though cause I don't have an ice cap machine in my kitchen:)
4. What is your favorite coffee drink?
Mmmmm just a regular cup of coffee but a fancy flavour. Currently, I'm loving Folgers Hazelnut Cream. If I'm out and about I opt for an ice cap.
5. When drinking coffee do you prefer drinking it instantly and quickly or taking your time and enjoying it?
Depends on what kind of mood I'm in. In the mornings I'm so tired and moody that I practically chug it all once it reaches a safe temperature. However, in the afternoons while I let my little one play I enjoy sipping my coffee while I work on my website.
6. What's your primary reason for drinking coffee?
Functionality, taste, pleasure, sensibility, tolerance of stupidity
7. What do you take coffee with?
Sugar, Cream and Milk
8. Do you currently own a Coffee Machine at home?
Like 3 of them
9. How often do you visit Coffee Shops?
I hit up whatever timmies is closest every time I go out. I get Starbucks every so often too on Mommy Treat Day.
10. What is your favorite Coffee Shop?
Tim Hortons

Feel free to follow Rachel on the following social media

If you are a coffee lover and want to be featured on my blog, feel free to contact me and send me your answers to the 10 questions below. 
You can download the free printable "Coffee Lover Questionnaire" by clicking on the link below. 

Have a sip of joy, enjoy your coffee!