Monday, August 24, 2020

Golden Bloggerz Award

Golden Bloggerz Award

When I first started blogging, linky parties and blogging awards were a thing. They were one of the coolest ways to support and connect with fellow bloggers. Then the social media platforms came to change the blogging world with their challenges and follow loops. 

I did miss the old good days though until I was nicely surprised to win "The Golden Bloggerz Award" by Chris Kosto from The Golden Bloggerz.

I am deeply honored and thankful to Chris for this recognition and I am sure you will discover lots of talented writers/bloggers among my nominees too.

What is "The Golden Bloggerz Award"?

It's an award made to motivate and reward all these amazing bloggers that work daily to serve their audience and they're worth more recognition. Their priority is to do their best to help their readers solve their problems and reach their goals. This award was created by Chris Kosto from Golden Bloggerz to encourage and reward all the hard-working content creators who deserve more recognition.  


1- Place the award logo on your blog
2- Mention the rules.
3-Thank whoever nominated you and place a link to their website
4- Mention the award’s creator & provide a link too.
5- Tell your audience 3 things about you
6- Nominate 10 – 20 people who deserve this award
7- Let your nominees know by messaging/commenting on their Social Media or their blog
8- Ask your nominees any 5 questions you want.
9- Share 2-3 links to your best posts

3 Things about Myself
1- I was born and grew up in Yerevan, Armenia. I got married and moved to Beirut, Lebanon back in 2007 where I have been living since then.
2-I am the youngest out of 3 girls.  My both sisters work at the hospital while I'm far from anything medicine-related:).

3- I created My blog, coffee and camera! back in 2013 with a purpose to showcase my amateur photography. Before that, back in 2011, I created my teaching blog Enjoy Teaching English.

5 Questions for my Nominees
1- What is your blog about?
Introduce your blog in one sentence:)
2- Are you planning to become a full-time blogger anytime soon and what are you doing to achieve that?
3- What have been your biggest achievements as a blogger so far?
4 - Do you collect anything?
5 - What are your hobbies?

Nominate 10 - 20 people who deserve that
I nominate

Share 2-3 of your best posts
Here we go, 3 posts I am proud of

To all winners of this award, Congratulations!

Never give up and keep doing what you love the most! 

And don't forget the 3 P's for Success: Passion, Patience, and Persistence.


Monday, August 10, 2020

Amsterdam: 10 Things Amsterdam is famous for (part 2)

If you are here I hope you've also read the post Amsterdam: 10  Things Amsterdam is famous for (part 1)
If no, you should definitely check it out after reading this post not to miss anything about this amazing capital city.

Amsterdam - My blog, coffee and camera!
If you are traveling to Amsterdam keep in mind that the weather there is rainy and humid most of the days. Traveling in winter? You should take into account that winters in Amsterdam are considered moderate varying from 2°C-6°C in the daytime. But for someone like me who is used to the mild Mediterranean climate, December was really freezing. That's why our coffee breaks in warm cafes were one of my most favorite parts of our sightseeings.

What is Amsterdam famous for and what I learned during my first visit there? 

Amsterdam - 10 Things Amsterdam is famous for
1. Ajax Stadium

Did you know that the Dutch football club Ajax was named after the Greek mythological hero Ajax who fought in the Trojan war against Troy?

Amsterdam - Johan Cruyff Arena
 If you are a football fan you should not miss the chance of visiting Johan Cruyff Arena, to experience the glory of Ajax, one of the most successful Dutch football teams in the history of football.  During your stadium tour you will be allowed to sneak peek into their dressing room, press conference room, the stadium, the museum, and the fan shop. 
It is a fun experience as it is planned and done in a very exciting way to keep the visitors entertained. 

Amsterdam - Ajax Stadium
2. Souvenir "Miffy"

Have you seen the Dutch Bunny - Miffy?
The Dutch Bunny - Miffy
When walking around souvenir shops in Amsterdam, you will come across a cute bunny soft toy with a cross mouth/nose. Firstly you may think it is Japanese and a friend with Hello Kitty.
 But Miffy is a traditional female rabbit in a series of picture books drawn and written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. Her original Dutch name is "Nijntje", which is short for the diminutive konijntje, "little rabbit". However, "nijntje" is difficult to pronounce for non-Dutch speakers and because there are so many different words for "bunny" in other languages, Dick Bruna's little bunny is simply known as Miffy. Miffy soft toys may cost you from 18,50 to 22 Euros and this is what we got for our daughter as a gift from Amsterdam.

3. The Dutch People

Amsterdam is such a multicultural city with lots of tourists and immigrants that it was hard to meet as many Dutch people as we would like to. The only Dutch we spent a few hours communicating with was our walking tour guide, the others were the hotel staff, some salesmen or tram conductors. 
Amsterdam - Holland
If I were to characterize the Dutch people in one word, it would be directness. The Dutch people don't seem to beat around the bush, they are straightforward and speak their minds. At first you may feel surprised and even a bit shocked at this. But the thing is they are neither rude nor insulting, they are just honest. And at the end I really liked this trait of theirs. 

4. Museums

 Did you know that Amsterdam is among the 10 cities in the world with most museums?
Amsterdam - Rembrandt Square
According to Wikipedia, there are more than 90 museums in the city which are one of the major attractions for tourists. The museums we visited were: the world-famous Dutch masters Van Gogh and Rembrandt House Museums, Rijksmuseum, Clocks Museum, Wooden Clogs Museum, Tulips Museum, Red Lights Museum, Ajax Football Club Museum, Nemo Science Center Museum.
 It should be noted that the Dutch are very proud of their history and culture and museum visiting in Amsterdam is never a boring and dull thing to do. On the contrary, they have found a spectacular and entertaining way to present and illustrate the character of their nation in each museum.
Amsterdam - Van Gogh Museum
5. The Dutch Food

Dutch Cuisine is not one of the most famous or richest ones but the Dutch have successfully managed to bring all the tastiest food jewels from all over the world.

Street Food in Amsterdam is so tempting that you will find yourself taking bites every half an hour.
Spanish Churros, Belgian fries, English apple pies, French macaroons, German gluhwein, Italian, Indonesian, Argentinian, Chinese, Thai cuisines are at every corner.

Dutch pancakes - Poffertjes
What about traditional Dutch food I especially loved Dutch pea soup with sausages, their traditional small pancakes "poffertjes", fried dough pastries called Oliobollen, mint candies and waffles. 
You can also try raw herring but I'm not much a fish lover so I skipped that food experience:)

Dutch Mint Candy
Now, after reading all this, how excited are you to visit Amsterdam? 

If you have been there, would you like to add anything to the list above?

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Amsterdam - 10 Things Amsterdam is famous for (part 1)

Amsterdam - City of Canals

Amsterdam, the city of bikes, canals, tulips, windmills, cheese, and beautiful architecture. 

Remember when you were a kid and you thought that the Moon was following you everywhere you went? 
I had the same feeling that the water, canals to be exact, were following me in Amsterdam wherever I went:). 

 Amsterdam is the coolest city I've ever been to and I can't recommend it enough. And you'd better discover it walking or cycling to enjoy the whole vibe of it:)

I Love Amsterdam

While being in Amsterdam city I kept asking myself: "Why is Amsterdam such a popular tourist destination?"

Here are 3 things I discovered to be the reasons for its popularity.

 1. Despite being tolerant to weed smoking and prostitution, from the first minutes spent here, you can't help feeling safe. At nights you may see and hear tourists singing or talking loudly (apparently too high or drunk) but that's it. 

 In fact, Amsterdam has been ranked as the 4th safest city in the world.  

2. Amsterdam has also been voted as the best-commuted city. The city has just been rebuilt to be ideal for bike riding. Public transportation with an easy and accessible system makes it so easy for tourists to get around the city. Add to that boat tours to discover the unforgettable beauty of the city.

 3. Everyone (literally everyone) speaks English fluently and this makes tourists feel home. I have a friend who has been living in the Netherlands for 12 years and yet she prefers to communicate in English.

What is Amsterdam famous for and what I learned during my first visit there? 

 1. Bicycles 

Did you know that there are more bicycles than people in Amsterdam? 

Central Station - Bicycle Parking - Amsterdam

There are 4 times more bicycles than cars in Amsterdam . Each year between 12.000 and 15.000 bicycles are pulled out of Amsterdam's canals. The bicycle parking in Central Station is one of the most photographed sights in Amsterdam. Here you can find the world's only museum you can cycle through: The Rijsk Museum.

The Rijsk Museum - Amsterdam

2. Wooden Clogs 

 Did you know that the Dutch wooden clogs are the most famous traditional footwear in the world?

The Dutch Wooden Clogs
The Dutch have been wearing wooden shoes, or clogs, or “Klompen” since medieval times. Naturally water-resistant, they protected feet from the wet Dutch climate and enabled their wearer to move across the sodden ground with ease. Wood also absorbs perspiration so that the foot can breathe. 

In Holland, wooden shoes are still worn by farmers, fishermen, factory workers, artisans, and others to protect their feet as they are very durable. 

Dutch Wooden "Klompen"

 3. Windmills

 Did you know that almost a third of the Netherlands is situated below sea level? 

The Dutch Windmills
The Dutch windmills originate from the 11th century. The Netherlands used to have 10.000 windmills, nowadays over 1.000 are still standing and most of them still work. 

Historically, windmills in the Netherlands served many purposes. The most important probably was pumping water out of the lowlands and back into the rivers beyond the dikes so that the land could be farmed. 

 4. Coffeeshops

Did you know that coffee shops are not a place to drink coffee in Amsterdam?

Coffee Cup - Amsterdam
When in Amsterdam, be careful when entering a coffee shop as it is not exactly a place to drink coffee (as I thought first) but a place to drink alcohol and where it is kind of "legal" to sell and smoke cannabis and hash. Coffee shops are allowed to sell cannabis and hash, but officially, they are not allowed to buy it. Growing marihuana is also not allowed in the Netherlands. 

Instead, look for a café if you want to drink coffee and have breakfast and snacks. The Dutch are great coffee drinkers, there are coffee machines available at every corner. They are the 5th country among the most coffee drinkers. 

  5. Tulips

Did you know that the Netherlands is the largest exporter of flowers in the world?

Tulip Souvenir - Amsterdam

In fact, it exports two-thirds of the world's flowers, the most famous among them being tulips and roses. Here you will also find the world's biggest flower garden, Keukenhof, where they plant over 7 million tulip bulbs, with over 800 different tulip variations. Unfortunately, I was not able to visit it as Keukenhof opens only during the blooming period between April and March. However, we visited The Tulip Museum and learned all about the culture of tulip cultivation from A to Z. 

The Tulip Museum - Amsterdam
It is hard to believe that tulips, which have become the trademark of the Netherlands, were originally cultivated in the Ottoman Empire, present-day Turkey, and were only brought to the Netherlands in the 16th century. At first, tulips were a luxury and in the 17th century, during the Tulipmania, the price of the tulip bulb reached dazzling heights and was equal to that of a townhouse in Amsterdam.  

Dutch Tulips

Stay tuned as I will publish Amsterdam - 10 Things Amsterdam is famous for (part 2) in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, tell me if you have ever been to Amsterdam.

If no, is it on your bucket list?

If yes, what did you most like there?

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Introvert Interview 2

Introvert Interview 2 - Words for Introverts

Introversion is neither a choice nor a lifestyle, it's an orientation. I wish My Introvert Interview Series could help Introverted souls accept themselves and embrace their beautiful gift of Introversion as early as possible in their lives.

If you have read Coffee Lover Interview 5, you may know Cătălina from Words for Introverts. 

Introvert Lover Interview 2 - Catalina from Words for Introverts

Anyone who follows Cătălina on her Instagram Page can just admire how beautifully and sensitively she presents Introversion through her magical art and her soulful and uplifting words. 

Guess what? Cătălina is back, this time to tell us all about her personality type and her journey on discovering and embracing Introversion. 

Introvert Interview 2 

 Read Cătălina's Introvert Interview to find out her perspective on Introversion and how she found the light worth seeking.

       1. When did you find out you were an introvert?

I can say I've always known that, somewhere deep inside. But I didn’t have a name for why I felt different. It all started to make sense once I read “Quiet” by Susan Cain. That book still means the whole world to me. It opened my eyes and helped me discover my qualities, my flaws, and my hindered needs.

2. Which period of your life did you most suffer from 
introversion thinking that something was wrong with you?

As a kid, I’d often be called shy, but it only hurt when it came from people who were close to me. Maybe the most difficult time was during my teenage years. That was when I tried to fit in. I remember forcing my mind to think faster and say smarter/funnier things. Like many of that age, I guess I wanted to be liked.

3. Do the people around you know about your personality 
type and respect that?

Yes, they do. Not everyone gets it, though. But I’m okay with that, as long as we don’t have to spend much time together. 

4. How do you get along with extroverts at home,
 work or in a relationship?

I mostly socialize with extroverts at work. It’s uncharted territory—before having this job, I worked as a freelancer. I’m learning things as I go. I don’t always socialize as much as they’d like me to, but they’re quite open and I’m willing to dedicate some time to do activities together, so we’re good.

5. How do people usually characterize you or call you out?

To some, I’m shy and cold. To others, I’m creative and caring. It definitely depends on who you’re asking. 

6. Are you satified with your current job? If not, what 
does your dream job look like?

I am. It’s pretty much what I wanted. I get to use English and I work from home. Introvert’s paradise!

7. What are your favorite hobbies and pastimes?

I used to read more than I currently do and I hope to get back to that soon. I use most of my free time to focus on wordsforintroverts. On weekend mornings, I love playing my music, enjoying a cup of coffee, and letting my mind roam freely while I doodle and write in my notebook. It’s pretty much the way I create content for the following week. I also work on my blog—I’m currently focused on making it feel like a community. My purpose is to connect introverted people so we can be alone, together. 

8. What do you hate doing that sometimes you have to do?

Working under strict deadlines. I sometimes have to be creative, extremely fast, and super attentive to details. That restricts me and it’s a pressure. For my own creative projects, I never impose such a limit. I believe in huge, great things achieved in small, consistent doses. 

9. What would you like people to know more about you 
and Introversion?

I’m an open-minded person. If it doesn’t hurt anyone, I can easily accept others’ ways of being even when they don't make much sense to me. It would be nice to receive the same openness in return. 

I’m quiet. Calling me out for that won’t make me interact more. On the contrary, depending on the context, that might be the last time you see me.

When I say I’m busy, trust me. Just because you think there’s not much on my TO DO list, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing for me to do. Sitting alone with my thoughts and feelings isn’t an excuse to be lazy. It’s what helps me function well and breathe freely.

        10. If you have written or found any Introvert-related 
       posts, please share.

Rin gave me a shoutout in the previous interview and that made me feel extremely grateful and humbled. So before I share a post of mine, I’d like to tell the world about … you. You’re one of my greatest examples that you can be an amazing mum and still have time for your hobbies. Besides, you never hesitate to encourage introverts and come up with initiatives that make us feel seen and appreciated. Thank you for everything!
(Thank you so much, your words mean the world to me:)

Let the Quiet ones be themselves - Words for Introverts

This is one post of mine that I really like. I guess I like it so much because it’s an important message shared in a few words. You can find it here

Words for Introverts

Find Cătălina on the following social media platforms

Blog: Words for Introverts







If you are an introvert (blogger) and you would like to be 
featured on my blog by answering 10 Questions about your Introversion Discovery Journey, please contact me so we can discuss all the details.

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