Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Wordless Wednesday #14 "Armenia"

A piece of advice, whenever possible, try to travel in low season.

This spring I got the opportunity to take a short trip to my homeland and visit our neighbor country as well.

It was an amazing experience. We avoided the summer heat and the crowded sightseeings. Thus we felt more relaxed and energized once we were back.

This week my Wordless Wednesday is all about "Armenia" and its beauty. 

I was lucky to have my best friend as a guide who also took some amazing shots of me. 

Lake Sevan, Sevanavank

View on the capital city, Yerevan

Old city of Dilijan

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Monday, May 20, 2019

7 Ways to Stop Hating Mondays

Weekends are all about leisure, adventure, no alarm mornings, family time. They are meant to let you take a break from your working week and recharge. 

But in reality, we are so enwrapped with catching up with laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and mundane chores that we end up feeling exhausted and grumbly on Mondays.

We all blame Mondays for our brief weekends, for feeling mentally and physically unproductive.

But who said that Mondays should suck?

What if I told you that you could start appreciating Mondays more by just a simple change of mindset? 

Here are 7 Ways to Stop Hating Mondays 

1. Make it Relaxing

Stop treating the weekend as an escape from work and stop treating Monday as a strict working day. Try to plan your week so that you don't have to cook or do some cleaning on Mondays. 

Make Monday a relaxing day just to lean on the sofa and sip your coffee without any deadlines and urgent preparations.

2. Look good

Try to find the time during the weekend for some self-care. 

Get a manicure, do your hair, try to wear something new or one of your best outfits. When you look good and dress up nicer than you usually do you will feel more confident and more energetic to go on with your day. 

3.  Do something exciting

Do one of your favorite activities on Mondays. It may be watching your favorite TV-show or series, treating yourself to your favorite snack or dessert, turning on your mood-boosting playlists with some aromatic tea.

One of my recent favorite activities is to write a post each Monday. I really feel productive and satisfied every time I have a blog post up and it is sure to boost my mood on Mondays.

4. Do some shopping

If you avoid shopping and the crowded malls at the weekend like me, you can go shopping on Mondays. If you don't feel like leaving the house, indulge yourself in some online shopping and you can enjoy your new products by the end of the week.

5. Enjoy your Sunday

Sundays are related to Monday blues so much that we often dread having an outing or going on an adventure on Sundays. But I do feel blue on Mondays every time I stay in as I spend my time cleaning and cooking and not really relaxing.

In my opinion, when we enjoy the weekend and make the most of it we feel more satisfied to go back to work.

6. Meet a friend

Weekends are usually about catching up with the family. When you are married with kids, you spend most of your time on playgrounds and kids cafes.

Why not have a close friend meet-up on Mondays to chat and vent about the happenings in your lives? A good conversation with an intimate friend is proven to ease stress and boost your energy level for the rest of the week.

7. Give a fresh start to your week

And finally, treat Monday as a fresh start, as an opportunity to start something new, maybe a new course, a new habit which will become a new lifestyle. 

Start your week with goals and be persistent.

The key to stopping hating Mondays is to change our attitude.

70% of our lives are weekdays, so why should we spend our lives hating them and looking for weekends and vacations? 

Do you live 5 out of the 7 days thinking that you are doing something unpleasant?

Have you adopted the strategy "Living for the weekend or vacations" or you have some tips on how to stop hating Mondays?

Share your tips with me in the comments below and have a happy Monday!
Shank You Very Much

Monday, May 13, 2019

5 Ways to Beat Post-Travel Depression

When you travel, you are excited to visit new places, to meet new people, to experience new traditions and to try new food. Active lifestyle, no alarm mornings, nature walks and late night parties. Everything is fun and entertaining.

Then you are back home, back to work, back to the routine.

Your adrenaline is low, you feel miserable and really empty. You are hit by the Post Travel Depression, so common among travellers. It may last for weeks or months and affect your mental wellbeing urging you to procrastinate, give up everything or even book another trip:) 

I have always suffered post-travel depression except for my last short trip that I took for 10 days. 

Here are  5 ways how I beat Post-Travel Depression

1- Take some Time to Rest 

Plan wisely. Instead of getting back the night before you are supposed to go back to work, give yourself at least a couple of days to recover and relax before the working week starts.
We do need a few days to unpack, do laundry, go grocery shopping and to ease the stress of multiple time zones and jet-lag.

2- Relive your Trip Through Videos and Photos

You must have probably taken hundreds of photos and numerous videos. I like to go through them and share them with my friends and family, post some of them on my social media accounts and edit them to make home movies. Moreover, you can hang some of them on the walls to surround yourself with your unforgettable experiences and memories.

3- Organize the Souvenirs

You must have a favorite souvenir or a knick-knack that you keep bringing from the places you visit. Some people collect fridge magnets, others T-shirts or caps. Whatever you fetch, you can enjoy your time creating a visible corner for their display to keep reminding you of the wonderful time you had. I even bring traditional food and beverages with me that can take me back to my trip days. 

4-Explore your country

Look at your country with the eyes of a tourist. There are definitely many places you haven't been before, small villages, local shops and restaurants you haven't visited before, farm markets, bazars, festivals and other events happening every week. Imagine you had a guest , where would you take him first? If you are a photography lover like me, you would grab your camera and head on exploring the hidden gems of your country.

5- Plan for your next trip

Now, that you are a more experienced traveler, you can start planning for your next trip. And you can plan better, as you may have learned some useful travel tips and hacks to save money and make the most of your time.
You can even start learning the language of the country you are planning to visit.

And it doesn't matter where you have been and where you are, you can still be in a better place.  Just change your mindset and prepare for a greater adventure. And keep planning it as it is the most exciting part of it all.

What about you? 

Have you ever suffered from Post-Travel Depression? 

How do you beat your Post-Travel Depression and what's your next travel destination?

Shank You Very Much

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wordless Wednesday #13 "Georgia"

I have always been skeptical about short trips. I used to think that when you are short of days and in a rush, that will cause more anxiety and stress than joy and pleasure. 
But when the opportunity occurred to take a short vacation to my homeland and our neighbour country, Georgia, I had no second thoughts.

And I must say that this trip was really worth it.

The 10 days were so full of events and new people and new experiences that it felt like a whole month. We were back fully recharged and energized. I especially liked that nature was in full bloom, the weather was excellent to wander around the city instead of going sightseeing under the killing sun of summer.

So, this Wednesday, I will feature the new country that I visited for the first time: Georgia and its capital city, Tbilisi.

Tbilisi, Georgia
 Georgia (Sakartvelo in the Georgian language) is a country that has developed rapidly in the past decades. It's an ideal place for any tourist. Old, narrow streets in the Old Tbilisi keep the traces of the old Georgian culture and its history. You may find yourself stopping by any house to just admire its authenticity and uniqueness.

Peace of Bridge, Tbilisi, Georgia
On the other hand, you will find amazing and jaw-dropping modern structures and buildings in the city center. Fully charge your phone and camera as you will want to take a photo at every corner in Rustaveli Avenue.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Even though not every Georgian speaks English, you will never feel lost in Georgia. Money exchange shops, phone recharge centers, public transport, and tourist information spots are available at every corner. If you need help, try to turn to the younger generation as they are most likely to speak English.

Tbilisi, Georgia

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Happy Friday #5 April, 2019

The stress and hassle of everyday life often don't let us focus on what is really going on. Everyday chores and marital responsibilities hardly keep any time to reflect on the positive things, on our accomplishments, no matter how small they are.
We never seem to be grateful or proud of our little successes and always want more.

#HappyFriday is the time to have a look back at your week and come up with a list of 10 things that have made you happy and thankful.

This Friday was one of those rare Fridays when I was full of energy and enthusiasm. 
There were many reasons for that. Teaching is one of those stressful professions when one word or act can ruin your day and keep you stressed out. However, this Friday was a surprisingly smooth day and I am so grateful for it as I was able to be more productive than ever.

Here we go, 10 things that made me happy this week

1. Change of hair color (I'm back to my natural hair)
2. Self-Care Wednesday (a hair and skin care day)
3. A meeting with an old close friend
4. Done with work deadlines and school projects
5. A positive remark about my son's behaviour at school
6. My mindful and reasonable shopping
7. More sunny days (this is being said by a rain lover)
8. A smooth and enthusiastic Friday
9. My trip preparations
10. Keeping up with the Lent

And what made you happy this week? What are you grateful for?

I would like to read about them in the comments below.


Saturday, April 6, 2019

S.M.A.R.T Goals for April

April is here and it's high time to set new S.M.A.R.T Goals. 

If you haven't heard of S.M.A.R.T goals strategy, let me introduce you briefly.

The S.M.A.R.T goal strategy is a more effective method of setting goals as it makes it easier to set, adjust and monitor success.

The idea is to set more S-pecific, M-easurable, A-chievable, R-ealistic, T-imely goals instead of some vague and broad goals. 

You can head to Witte's World Blog for a more detailed information on S.M.A.R.T Goals and you can even download a free S.M.A.R.T Goals Worksheet. 

I am rather satisfied to announce that I almost accomplished every goal I made in March.

But one of the best accomplishments of March was Twitter.

I was always skeptical of Twitter but I was amazed to find out how genuine the Twitter community really are. 

On Twitter you don't have those annoying follow-unfollows, fake accounts and the irritating algorithm of Facebook and Instagram. Just imagine that the posts of my Teaching Blog with more than 17K likes on Facebook reach an average of 100 peopleIt's just unfair.

Read more about My S.M.A.R.T Goals for March

My S.M.A.R.T Goals for April


1- Upload my first video on my YouTube channel by the end of April

It's the 3rd month I am setting this goal with a failure. 
I hope this month I will accomplish it as I already know what it is going to be about.
I am going to travel to a new country so my video will probably be a slideshow of my photos from there.


1- I will post more photography and travel posts in April

As I mentioned above, I am planning to travel. 
So I am determined to take more photos. 
Get ready for some Wordless Wednesday posts and some Travel Blog Posts.

2 - I will set a weekend Hair Care Routine

I am proud to be keeping up with my face care routine.
I am planning to purchase some natural hair treatment essentials: oils, masks and do a weekly hair treatment.

The best part of S.M.A.R.T Goals strategy is that it can be used in any sphere of your life-work, home life, teaching or blogging.

If you like the idea, set your S.M.A.R.T goals and share them in the comments below.

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Monday, April 1, 2019

Inspire Me Monday # 3 April, 2019

We all kind of hate Mondays but what if we look at Mondays as a fresh start and as an opportunity to set a new tone for the rest of the week? Maybe we just need a change of mindset to stop feeling so awful on Mondays. 

Inspire me Mondays are about sharing with a film, a song,  a quote, a book, a photo, and a blog that are inspiring me currently. 

Inspire Me Mondays was supposed to be a weekly post but for the time being I will make it a monthly one as it sometimes takes me a month to finish up a book or watch a new film.

You may also like to read: Inspire Me Monday #1 and Inspire Me Monday #2

So here we go, let's make it inspiring


"Mary Poppins Returns" (2018) is a sequel to the beloved Walt Disney children's musical fairytale.

The magical nanny Mary Poppins returns to help the next generation of the Banks family and to look after the kids while their father is struggling to raise his three kids after the loss of their mother. He is facing the threat to lose their family house as he is unable to pay the loan.

The whimsical nanny, who descends on a kite, uses her magical powers to help the children recover from their mother's loss through imagination. But her biggest mission is bound to be saving the house. 


This song is about women empowerment, about a strong woman who's walking out of pain, disgrace and sadness when the one she loves so much takes her soul and breaks it.

The message behind this song says: "Don't break love but don't let love break you".


INSPIRE ME BOOK - "Who Moved My Cheese?"

This 96-page book by Dr Spencer Johnson may be the shortest book you may have read. This short and simple story will only take you a couple of hours but it may change your mindset to life and to the constant changes happening in it.

The four characters are Sniff , Scurry (who are mice) Hem and Haw (who are littlepeople). They look for a cheese in the maze where they live.

Cheese is used metaphorically as something we look for in our lives which is always changing.
The maze represents the place where we spend time looking for happiness or what we want.

Sniff and Scurry stand for the simple and instinctive parts of us who anticipate change early by sniffing it out and quickly scurrying into action and adapts.

Hem and Haw stand for complex parts of us who deny and resist change out of fear and who learn to adapt the changes in the course of the time.


As an amateur photographer, it was for a while that I was looking for some photography blogs to follow.

SLR Photography Guide is the ideal photography blog you may find online. It's not only a place to admire amazing shots but also to learn tips and tutorials of camera settings and photo editing. 

You must definitely follow slrphotographyguide on Instagram to find a detailed photo tip under each photo.


I first started following Bettie on Instagram. Her positivity and daily posts immediately caught my attention and interest. But when I read her blog posts, I immediately realized that she is a blogger I want to keep up with. 
No matter what she writes about: book/movie reviews, food/fitness or lifestyle, she is always down to earth and inspiring.

Make sure to follow thewildflowerhippie on Instagram as it is the platform where she is most active and entertaining.

And what is inspiring you currently?

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Saturday, March 23, 2019

5 Benefits of Houseplants

No matter how small your place may be, houseplants can instantly wake up a room and make a vivid difference in the interior. 

I must confess that I have not always been a plant-lover and I used to be indifferent to houseplants. On the contrary, my mom has always been an avid gardener and plant-lover with numerous indoor and outdoor plants.

 For my entire life, I would watch her grow and nurture our garden and plants for hours on end. I didn't appreciate their beauty and benefits until I started living in an apartment where the only greenery is the mountain view from the balcony.

Maybe that's the reason I developed my love for houseplants.

1. Houseplants clean and purify the air.

Indoor pollutants are not less than outdoor ones, if not more. Cleaning supplies, carpets and furniture reduce the quality of the air we breathe. And as we spend most of our time at home, we risk being exposed to polluted air. That's why it is recommended to keep houseplants to reduce indoor air toxins. 

2. Houseplants are natural humidifiers

As they absorb water, they lately evaporate it in the air thus humidifying the indoor air. Thus houseplants can help us avoid dry skin, sinus infections and sore throats by raising the humidity in the air.

3. Houseplants can reduce stress and anxiety.

As houseplants increase the oxygen levels through photosynthesis, they can have mental and emotional benefits. Stress and anxiety may be connected to toxin levels in the air and reducing them can be beneficial for our health thus making us calm and more focused.

4. Houseplants can provide peaceful sleep

While most of the plants produce oxygen only during the day but produce carbon dioxide during the night, there are still some types of houseplants that provide with oxygen both during the daytime and nighttime. These plants can be kept in the bedroom for a good night's sleep.

5. Houseplants can help us heal

Houseplants can encourage and awaken positive thoughts and feelings to life. Studies show that when we visit someone in the hospital with a bouquet of flowers or a potted plant we help them heal without even knowing it. 
Houseplants can actually help in healing and recovering from illnesses more rapidly. Walking in the garden can also be very beneficial for mentally sick people.

And what about you?
Do you make room for a little nature in your house and working space or you are indifferent to houseplants?

I would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.