Friday, October 29, 2021

Coffee Photo Battle - 1


If you have been following me on Instagram - @my_blog_coffee_and_camera and you check up my stories regularly you must know that I've been holding Coffee Photo Battles on Sundays already since May.

It all started when my followers would tag me in their beautiful coffee photos as they associate everything "coffee" related with my account (so flattered for that;). Even some of my sweet blogger friends call me a "Coffee Queen":)

So, instead of just resharing their stories and posts, it occurred to me that it would be fun to post those aesthetic coffee photos in my stories and hold a fun Coffee Photo Battle:)

Then I announced this idea in my stories and asked my followers to DM me their coffee photos. A few hours passed but no one contacted me. Did I give up? No, I was too excited about that idea. I contacted my close coffee lovers and asked them to participate and send me some coffee photos. I am so grateful that most of them did agree to participate and so this photo contest started and still has been going on thanks to them.

How Coffee Photo Battle Works

This is what happens during Sunday's Coffee Photo Battles. I group the coffee photos sent to me into 4 and post them on my stories asking my followers to click on their favorite photo out of each 4. After 24 hours I count the votes and announce the winner. 

Not to make tea or hot chocolate lovers feel excluded I also accept other hot drink photos and we have a special "no-coffee photo battle" from time to time:)

As an appreciation and a small gift, I do lettering with the winner's name. The more people participate and share my #coffeephotobattle on their social media accounts, the more it will get popular and hopefully, in the future, I will have some sponsored gifts for my winners.

10 Coffee Photo Battle Winners

Are you ready to meet my winners and see their fascinating photos?

Here we go.

1. Photo Credit : @arus_2410

2. Photo Credit : @anne_grig

3. Photo Credit: @annakrjatian

4. Photo Credit: @anuasatryan

5. Photo Credit: @arus_2410

6. Photo Credit: @ovssar

7. Photo Credit: @mom_happybabys

8. Photo Credit: @annakrjatian

9. Photo Credit: @julie_kostanyan

10. Photo Credit: @mom_happybabys

If you want to participate in the #coffeephotobattle, head to my Instagram Page - @my_blog_coffee_and_camera and DM me your best coffee photo.

Stay Caffeinated and see you soon:)

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Introvert Interview 3


Before the lockdown, as our lives were so hectic and active in our extroverted world, I started my Introvert Interview series with the hope to connect with more quiet souls and raise awareness about introverts as a personality type.


Since the lockdown, I have been less verbal about introverts as life slowed down a bit and introverts were more comfortable at home. Working from home definitely decreased most of my introvert problems yet it brought up some other ones.


As I missed connecting with my online introverted buddies, I reached out to Caroline from @the.quietstrength for an Introvert Interview and she gladly accepted to talk about her journey to discovering Introversion.


Caroline, The Quiet Strength

1. When did you find out you were an introvert?


It was such a relief when I first read about introversion, in my twenties sometime. I’d always known time and space to myself was essential for me but I still beat myself up. I felt so guilty for wanting time away from others and ashamed for being different.


2. Which period of your life did you most suffer from introversion thinking that something was wrong with you?


Teenage years. None of my peers seemed to value the same things I did and I spent a lot of time alone. I remember sitting at a party (feeling I should make an effort, parties didn’t interest me), with everyone around me getting more drunk and less interesting for conversations. I retreated into a worn library copy of Thoreau’s Walden, cross legged in a sofa, while someone spilled beer into my boot. Can I go home now?


3. Do the people around you know about your personality type and respect that?


They do. My family have always been supportive even though they didn’t always understand it, and my small circle of friends are a beautiful, carefully curated group that know the value of introversion.


4. How do you get along with extroverts at home, work or in a relationship?


Over the years I’ve learnt to respect both what they and I need. I give time and attention when I have the capacity so that when I don’t, that investment tides me over. I no longer work in a workplace but when I did my favourite thing was to regularly pop by colleagues’ offices and stand in the door. I could offer interaction in a way that suited me then - curious and warm but brief. And with a clear escape route. In my personal life what has worked best is self compassion. I’ve worked hard at overcoming the guilt and shame. When I accept myself and feel love both for the people in my life and myself, the way I present my boundaries is accepted much more easily by them. I keep explanations brief, I don’t need to excuse myself, and I keep calm and happy about it. This is how I am, our values may be different but that’s a beautiful thing.


5. How do people usually characterize you or call you out?


People appreciate my calm and accepting character, but they also pick up on the independence and that can be perceived as cold and aloof, I know that. People close to me have felt hurt by me needing to go off on my own. I’m shy and highly sensitive as well, so even though I haven’t been told outright it’s clear I’ve been labelled overly sensitive at times.


6. Are you satified with your current job? If not, what does your dream job look like?


I am. It’s my dream job, working for myself coaching other quiet folk. Introverts, highly sensitive, shy, lacking in confidence, chronically unwell. People I’ve always noticed and championed because I know what it’s like to have all this richness inside but feeling there is no space to express it in your own gentle way. It’s beautiful to see them trusting themselves more and more and refusing the pressures and labels put on them. Blooming into who they always were but didn’t acknowledge.


7. What are your favorite hobbies and pastimes?


I love inner exploration and writing. Finding out about human psychology and the reasons we do what we do. Every impulse, however undesirable, is there for a reason and it’s a passion of mine to find it. To really listen and practice radical acceptance until the knots I see in me and others begin to soften and unravel into something purposeful. Finding our power and meaning often paradoxically comes from listening to the parts of ourselves we’re most ashamed and afraid of. Walking in the woods and fields is the other thing I give many hours to. My greyhound Finn, that I’ve just adopted, is a perfect fit for that kind of life. A long walk in nature and then he’s happy to sleep next to me while I write.


8. What do you hate doing that sometimes you have to do?


Anything administrative that’s important to get right. Dealing with authorities or filling out forms makes me feel extremely nervous and guilt ridden. Phone calls. If it’s not with friends (I spend hours every week with people I adore) then forget it. ‘The best time to call me is text message’.


9. What would you like people to know more about you and Introversion?


Just because I’m introverted, shy and highly sensitive doesn’t mean I can’t do so called extroverted things and enjoy them. Engaging and entertaining a group of people for work, attending a concert or striking up conversations with strangers are considerable challenges for me but I love the joy it gives me and it’s worth it. I won’t do it often though, and I certainly won’t be pressured into it. I can’t stand being placed in a box or feel obliged to do something purely due to social norms. I won’t apologise for who I am and I won’t conform but it matters to me a lot that you feel seen, accepted and respected for your needs. I hope to receive the same.


10. If you have written or found any Introvert-related posts, please share.

Click here to see the post


Caroline's page is a cozy place to escape to for simplicity and beauty. Her content is so uplifting for introverts and educational for extroverts.

Make sure to  follow The Quiet Strength on






If you are an introvert (blogger) and you would like to be featured on my blog by answering 10 Questions about your Introversion Discovery Journey please contact me so we can discuss all the details.


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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Coffee Lover Interview 9

I hate to admit this but I have recently met someone online who seems to love Coffee more than me:) At least he praises Coffee better than me:) So I could not help reaching out to him asking for an interview, not an ordinary one but a special Coffee Lover Interview, and he gladly accepted my offer:)

Bry Thor of Coffee is how he prefers to be introduced. His tweets are big hits among coffee lovers on Twitter and are the reason I have started popping into my blog's Twitter account more frequently these days.

Bry Thor of Coffee

Read all about Bry's coffee habits and preferences in his Coffee Lover Interview below.

1.   What time of day do you usually drink coffee?

Is all day an acceptable answer? HA! It's usually in the morning. It's my breakfast. If I need a pick me up in the afternoon I will get one. There are times I am craving coffee at night, after dinner too.

2.  How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?

 It depends, but I can drink the equivalent of a solid 3 cups in the morning. I am just not going to say how many ounces these cups are. HA! Let's just put it this way, my one cup can be like normal people's 2-3 cups.

3.   Do you prefer going out for coffee or drinking it at home?

I don't mind both. Coffee with friends is always a fun thing! Or just going to the coffee shop as an escape.  There is nothing wrong with being home, relaxing, in your own spot, and enjoying that perfect cup. It's the simple pleasures for sure.

4.   What is your favorite coffee drink?

I am an ice coffee drinker. I do lean towards more dark roast/bolder coffees. I like the flavor profiles better.

5.   When drinking coffee do you prefer drinking it instantly and quickly or taking your time and enjoying it?

The first cup always seems to go a bit quick. After that, though, it's more enjoying the cup. There are times though when I forget I have a coffee and I go hours without drinking it, stupid adult responsibilities! Thankfully it's ice coffee, so I can add some ice and keep drinking away.

6.   What’s your primary reason for drinking coffee?

It's been embedded in me! I have worked for Starbucks for almost 10 years. Coffee was and has always been life. It's not only breakfast, but it's a comfort thing. If I don't have coffee one day, my whole vibe feels thrown off.

7.  What do you take coffee with?

As stated before, I'm an iced coffee drinker, straight up, nothing in it. I had to cut back on the sweetener after drinking so much of it and working at Starbucks. It was too much.

8.  Do you currently own a Coffee Machine at home?

I do have my coffee machine, a French Press, and a pitcher for cold brew coffee. One of these days I will be designing a full coffee bar in my house, with an espresso machine. 
Dream big and go all out right? My own coffee shop in my house. 

9.  How often do you visit Coffee Shops?

Probably more often than I should. If I'm running short on time in the morning, I will swing by and grab a coffee on the way to work. also will grab a coffee while I am out doing errands or going anywhere. There will most likely always be a coffee with me wherever I go.

10. What is your favorite Coffee Shop?

Starbucks is my go-to since I worked there for so long, but I am down for trying all the small/local coffee shops. They usually have the best atmosphere and vibes. Honestly though, any coffee shop is my favorite, it's a coffee shop!

Bry Thor of Coffee, you know what, you just gave me a great idea to dream for. A coffee bar! A mini coffee shop where I can fit all the coffee cups I have been collecting and haven't broken yet:)) Thank you!


Make sure you follow Bry on

Coffee Lover Interview 9

And If you are a coffee lover and want to be featured on my blog, feel free to contact me and send me your answers to my 10 coffee-related questions. 

You can download the free printable "Coffee Lover Questionnaire" by clicking on the link below.

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Monday, August 24, 2020

Golden Bloggerz Award

Golden Bloggerz Award

When I first started blogging, linky parties and blogging awards were a thing. They were one of the coolest ways to support and connect with fellow bloggers. Then the social media platforms came to change the blogging world with their challenges and follow loops. 

I did miss the old good days though until I was nicely surprised to win "The Golden Bloggerz Award" by Chris Kosto from The Golden Bloggerz.

I am deeply honored and thankful to Chris for this recognition and I am sure you will discover lots of talented writers/bloggers among my nominees too.

What is "The Golden Bloggerz Award"?

It's an award made to motivate and reward all these amazing bloggers that work daily to serve their audience and they're worth more recognition. Their priority is to do their best to help their readers solve their problems and reach their goals. This award was created by Chris Kosto from Golden Bloggerz to encourage and reward all the hard-working content creators who deserve more recognition.  


1- Place the award logo on your blog
2- Mention the rules.
3-Thank whoever nominated you and place a link to their website
4- Mention the award’s creator & provide a link too.
5- Tell your audience 3 things about you
6- Nominate 10 – 20 people who deserve this award
7- Let your nominees know by messaging/commenting on their Social Media or their blog
8- Ask your nominees any 5 questions you want.
9- Share 2-3 links to your best posts

3 Things about Myself
1- I was born and grew up in Yerevan, Armenia. I got married and moved to Beirut, Lebanon back in 2007 where I have been living since then.
2-I am the youngest out of 3 girls.  My both sisters work at the hospital while I'm far from anything medicine-related:).

3- I created My blog, coffee and camera! back in 2013 with a purpose to showcase my amateur photography. Before that, back in 2011, I created my teaching blog Enjoy Teaching English.

5 Questions for my Nominees
1- What is your blog about?
Introduce your blog in one sentence:)
2- Are you planning to become a full-time blogger anytime soon and what are you doing to achieve that?
3- What have been your biggest achievements as a blogger so far?
4 - Do you collect anything?
5 - What are your hobbies?

Nominate 10 - 20 people who deserve that
I nominate

Share 2-3 of your best posts
Here we go, 3 posts I am proud of

To all winners of this award, Congratulations!

Never give up and keep doing what you love the most! 

And don't forget the 3 P's for Success: Passion, Patience, and Persistence.