Thursday, November 14, 2019

Coffee Lover Interview 4

My blog, coffee and camera!

You must be hiding somewhere away from disturbing noises to enjoy your solo coffee time and do some reading or surfing. What about another Coffee Lover Interview, this time with Fadima Mooneira from Malaysia, the author behind the blog Fadima Mooneira ?

Fadima is a lifestyle, travel, pop-culture and edutainment blogger. She is also a freelance illustrator, a teddy collector, and a bookworm posting her artwork and writing book reviews. You can find her also on Instagram and Twitter.

Mooneira's Artwork

Mooneira is definitely a coffee lover as you will find out by reading her answers to My Coffee Lover Interview.

1- What time of day do you usually drink coffee?

I usually drink coffee for breakfast and I never drink coffee after 4 pm.

2- How many cups of coffee do you drink in a day?

1 cup

3- Do you prefer going out for coffee or drinking it at home.

 Both. It depends on my mood and situation. If I have my friends with me, I will drink coffee at our favorite cafĂ©.

4- What is your favourite coffee drink?

 I like Black Americano and caramel macchiato.

5- When drinking your coffee, do you prefer drinking it instantly and quickly or taking your time and enjoying it?

I like to take my time and enjoy my coffee.

6- What is your primary reason for drinking coffee?

For energy, the taste and the smell of course.

7- What do you take coffee with?

 If I’m drinking caramel macchiato, I will add whip cream with it. But if I’m drinking Americano, I will just drink it plain with no sugar.

8- Do you own a coffee machine at home?

No. Not yet.

9- How often do you visit coffee shops?

Twice a month.

10- What is your favourite coffee shop?

Dal.komm Coffee. It’s a Korean coffee shop. Quite famous in Malaysia.

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My blog, coffee and camera!

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  1. Thank you for giving this opportunity MBCAC. I am grateful for this experience

    1. You are most welcome dear, hope to collaborate with you later again!Good luck in your blogging journey.

  2. I am friends with Fadima. And I am proud of her. She is enthusiastic and bright.


    1. Yes, she is, her illustrations are so cool and she must be lucky to have supportive friends like you!

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