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Welcome to my little blogging world! This is a place where I share with everything I find to be inspirational and uplifting, from photos that I take daily, music that makes me relax, random thoughts on how to overcome stress and life issues to book recommendations. I truly believe that hobbies enrich our lives and push away negativity and that sharing them with a community or a group of people may be encouraging. Thank you for your visit and hope you will enjoy what you read and see here!
Age: 34

Bed size: Queen

Chore you hate: Ironing

Drink of choice: black coffee

Essential start to your day item: My laptop

Favorite color: navy blue

Gold or silver: used to be silver, now both

Height: 170 cm

Instrument(s) you play:  violin (used to)

Job: teacher

Kids: Andranik (9 years old) & Anna (3 years old)

Living arrangements: a two-bedroom apartment

Mom's name: Varduhi

Nicknames: Lucia

Overnight hospital stay other than birth:  nose surgery 

Pet Peeve:  people showing off

Quote from a movie: ''No measure of time with you is long enough, but let's start with forever" Twilight

Right or left handed: Right

Siblings: Two older sisters

Time you wake up: 6:30-7:00 

Underwear: Always

Vegetable you hate: onions

What makes you run late: not measuring the time well

Xrays you've had: thyroid glands

Yummy food you make: pizza and pancakes

Zoo favorite: bears

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  1. ♥ So good getting to know you more! This is such a fun way to do that! Also, I love Twilight. And that is so cool that you can play violin! I wish I could play an instrument.


  2. Thank you Maria for taking the time to drop a comment.