Sunday, December 2, 2018

December 2 - How to lose weight and maintain it after losing

Today is the second day of the 31- Day Blog Challenge hosted by Linda from Witte's World Blog 
She suggests a challenge for each day of December for you to spice up your blog and improve your blogging and writing skills.

December 2 - Share something that you accomplished this year that you didn't think you could

Weight loss and weight maintenance

I used to be an active kid full of energy and with great appetite, spending all my spare time playing outside. But once I became a teenager and stopped playing active games, I started gaining weight. I was never obese but always had 5- 7 extra kilos that made me self-conscious and I always struggled with that extra weight starving myself every summer but the extra kilos always came back by winter:)

But this summer was different. 

So, how I reached my ideal weight and maintained it after losing it

1.  I joined a Facebook Group "Lose Weight by Eating Healthily". 

The daily informative posts, recipes, and even competitions really motivated me. And I finally realized that it's not about losing weight. I want to eat healthily for a healthy body and skin and hair, to have more energy, to avoid mood swings and so more. 
This changed all my mindset.

2. I changed my eating habits.

I replaced white sugar with brown unrefined sugar and honey, cow milk with almond milk, potatoes with sweet potatoes, white bread with oat or wholewheat bread and finally, my morning coffee only after breakfast.

3. I tried new recipes

I started following vegan and healthy eating accounts on Instagram, tried new recipes, enjoyed taking photos and posting them on Instagram too. Gradually my feed became nothing but a healthy eating album.

4. I started exercising

After losing a few kilos I started a Plank challenge with the  Facebook group members and was really amazed at the results. I also found some amazing home workout exercises on YouTube. My favorite is the channel BowFlex that has has some awesome exercises.

N.B. I still have cheat days and weeks without exercising but what I know is that a healthy lifestyle is permanent while cheat days are temporary.

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