Monday, January 13, 2020

5 Things To Be Better at in 2020

As we have stepped into a new year and a new decade it's time to start with new mindsets and habits. The beginning of the year has been hectic but there is still time to start from a new track.

Here are 5 things I am determined to be better at in 2020. 

1. Saving Money

I have never been good at counting and saving money. Though I rarely buy expensive stuff  I may often do shopping on the spur of the moment and never seem to have any savings left by the end of the month.
This year I will try to do my grocery shopping monthly instead of weekly. I am sure the less I go to the supermarket, the less I will be tempted to spend money on all the discounted offers. Instead, I will purchase more from local stores or online.

2. Being Organized

I can't stand a mess and I try my best to keep my house and things tidy but you can hardly call me an organized person. Planning is usually boring for me but I have felt the necessity to make it a habit. It is so easy to stand the stress of everyday life when you are organized. I just need to divide my chores and duties evenly during the week in order not to fuss a lot over excess work.

3. Self Care

I am going to make my mental and physical self-care a priority in 2020. This will include healthy eating and physical activity. I am sure that by improving my diet and drinking more water I can fight my skin and hair dryness .
I will also keep insisting on my "me" time without feeling guilty of being a selfish mom, daughter, and wife.

4. Minimalism

No matter how hard I try to avoid buying unnecessary stuff, I still find my house full of excess and distracting stuff . Minimalism is not a trend I am going to follow but a necessity for my mental health. Decluttering your living space may give you peace and clarity and will let you focus on what is important. I will try to get rid of unnecessary stuff by donating and restrain from purchasing duplicate items and clothing. 

5. And, finally reading

It's a pain to admit that I hardly find the time to read a book these days. I am really guilty of spending a lot of time on social media.  I will do my best to go to bed with a book instead of a mobile phone and read every night before sleeping.

Have you set any goals or resolutions in 2020?

What are you planning to be better at this year?


  1. All good things! Self care is so important <3 I need to get better at saving money as well. Hope 2020 is an amazing year!

    1. Thank you, good luck, have a memorable year!

  2. My health and well being, saving for my mortgage and some of my goals this year. I also want to read more as last year I was terrible haha! Thank you for the tips! Lauren x

  3. I love your goals! I am working on many of the same. I also am focused on being more present when I speak to people. I am working hard to live in the moment and to listen instead of react. Great post!