Monday, January 7, 2019

January 5 - Write a letter to yourself explaining where you are in a year

Day 5 - Write a letter to yourself explaining where you are in a year.

Do you know the excitement when you find some money in a book or an old letter from your childhood or adolescence? 

Now imagine how elated you will be to discover some hidden important and sentimental items or writings that you cherished many years ago.

Have you heard of a Time Capsule?

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, a Time Capsule is a container that is filled with things from the present time and that is meant to be opened by people at some time in the future.
It can even be buried for someone to discover in the future.

I have always wanted to do a Time Capsule with my kids and students but have never had the chance to do it. But when I read today's challenge to write a letter to myself I immediately thought  I would do it like a time capsule. 

I will write my hopes and wishes for the next year "ME", print this letter, tuck it away somewhere and seal it with "Do not open until January 5, 2020".

Dear Self,

Try your best to be a better version of yourself this time in a year. 

Don't try to change or compare yourself with someone, the change will come naturally when you keep yourself busy with learning new things and meeting new people.

Try to read more poetry and fiction, not only professional development articles and books.

Watch more new films and documentary programs.

Don't forget about the classic movies and books (there are many you have to catch up with).

Travel at least one new place, learn about their culture and traditions.

Learn at least one new skill and get rid of at least one bad habit.

Procrastinate less, use your time wisely and control your time more smartly.

Go on with your journey of Minimalism, think twice before buying something.

Recycling only is not the solution, try to reduce your plastic consumption.

Try to accomplish your "Blogging Goals for 2019" and your "S.M.A.R.T Goals".

Try to achieve your "Bucket List Goals".

Take Photography more seriously and take a course to learn the basics.

Try more Healthy Recipes and keep up with your Healthy Habits and lifestyle.

Take a better care of your body and your sanity.

Give without expecting to receive.

Don't overthink much, let little imperfections go.

Try to find positivity and humor in everything life throws away at you.

Don't attempt to get everything done, you can never have it all done, just keep working hard.

Have peaceful morning coffees.

And finally, make more memories and don't forget to take pictures:)

This Year I am also trying the Happiness Jar, you can read more about it here.

This post was inspired by the January Mind, Body and Writing Challenge brought together by Linda Jean from Witte's World Blog.


  1. I love this! I am definitely going to be doing a Happiness Jar!

  2. I know you will be proud of yourself in a year when you open your happiness jar! I am starting mine today!!! Thank you for the idea!

    1. ohh, great, in a year we'll share with our impressions:)